Is a slice of history buried in Bandala?

It may be a folktale or a historic fact, but residents of this village believe that Alexander the Great, during his invasion in 326 BC, camped here. They say they have heard verbal sagas from their ancestors that Alexander had received a resistance from the local rulers and after camping here, he returned to his [...]

Expert hands likely to restore Bungas Baba Atal

The restoration work of ancient Ramgarhia Bungas and Gurdwara Baba Atal is likely to be given to experts in the forthcoming meeting of the SGPC executive , likely to be held here on September 4.

He protected Takht podium

When the two-and-a-half-century old ivory aic work, priceless murals, naqqashi and paintings, depicting mythological scenes were being destroyed in the demolition of Akal Takht in January, 1986, by radical Sikhs, it was on the intervention of Giani Mohinder Singh, former SGPC secretary, that the original podium where Guru Hargobind used to address the Sikh Sangat [...]

Sections of museum closed for fear of theft

The Punjab Archaeology Department and Shahi Qila administration have partially closed the museum after threats of theft of paintings and artifacts. The visitors are allowed to visit only one section of the museum where Sikh- and British-era weapons, portraits and sculptures of Sikh rulers, paintings of wars between Sikhs fighters and British soldiers were put [...]

Heritage gets a burial in Amritsar

Citizens seek guidelines to preserve the glorious heritage, reportSanjay Bambroo and Ashok Sethi. A mall under construction near the historic Ram Bagh gardens. Unabated construction activity without conforming to maintain essential historic character of the Holy City have raised many a eyebrows, especially among the conservationist and the old citizens.

Sikh Devotees Locked Out – Hooligans take over shrine in Lahore

An 18th century Sikh shrine in Naolakha Bazaar in Lahore has been “taken over by a group of hooligans” and the government is “hesitating to take action” against the Muslims who have locked the Sikhs out, Daily Times said on Tuesday. It said the government’s action was “alt like the way Islamabad hesitated over the [...]

Shalimar Gardens in ruins

LAHOREPEOPLE and tourists are losing interest in Shalimar Gardens as encroachments, unkempt gardens and a renovation project that has dragged on for too long have turned the historic site into a ruin. "Shalimar Garden and Taj Mahal were made in the same era. Taj Mehal is in an excellent condition but Shalimar Gardens looks horrible. [...]

Book Review : Sikhs in Britain

The dual anniversaries of the Sepoy mutiny and Indian Independence in 2007 have thrown into sharp focus the often fractious relationship between the subcontinent and her once imperial master, Great Britain. One hundred and fifty years after the mutiny and 60 years after the independence of India and the horrors of partition there has been [...]