25 Years after the Sikh Massacre in November 1984

The Dal Khalsa has given a call for Punjab Bandh on 3rd November to protest Sikhs being denied justice after the November 1984 holocaust. Schools and colleges are closed. Train and bus transport has been suspended. All commercial shops in Amritsar are closed but the office of SGPC is functioning as usual ! It is [...]

Love Jihad

This heading immediately caught my attention in the morning newspaper. It is the name of an organisation active in the Indian State Kerala with the agenda of converting young girls to Islam. Muslim boys woo non-Muslim girls and convert their religion by faking love for them. We heard about this method being used in UK [...]

Loss of Heritage through Kar Sewa wale Baba

Recently a Sikh aptly commented that historical Gurdwaras in Punjab are marble’lous. The old architecture of Nanakshahi brick, simple square building of Gurdwara has been replaced by huge rectangular marble building with a raised platform for Parkash at its one end. This reconstruction of Gurdwaras has raised a new breed of Kar Sewa wale Baba. [...]