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3 responses to “Mansion of Sikh general, Mangal Singh Ramgarhia, razed to the ground”

  1. This is a disgrace, yet another part of our rich heritage gone for ever in the vain name of modernisation!

  2. What a catastrophe. Sikhs are completely unaware of their heritage which is fast disappearing. It is with the effoerts of people like Amardeep that such atrocities come to light but still the Sikh sleeps on. I wonder what will waken them. Mangal Singh was the first custodian of the Golden Temple Complex and his service to Sikh panth is examplary. To do this to his memory is sacriligious. WAKE UP YOU SIKHS FROM YOUR SLUMBER AND DO SOMETHING CONCRETE -INSTEAD OF FIGHTING FOR POSTS IN GURDWARAS.

  3. It is sad that the Sikh community does not respect its heritage. A time will come, when we shall like to preserve our past, but there will be nothing to preserve the past.

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