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4 responses to “Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s ancestral haveli being converted as garbage dump in Pakistan”

  1. Please see pictures of Baradari Of Maharaja Sher Singh Lahoreat this link. Punjab Government spending 15 Core rupees to Renovate this historical monument.
    Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lyallpur/6792776396/




  2. Ranjit singh’s rule is remembered as a time of humiliation and brutality in Pakistan, so it should be no surprise that Pakistanis don’t particularly care for his memory.

    In Pakistan, Sikh shrines are simply neglected. Unlike Hindu shrines which were actively demolished, Sikh temples and sites lay in ruin in Pakistan because of neglect, rather than vengeance. I know of no attempt by any private or NGO Sikh group to pay for renovations. Maybe Indian Sikhs will have trouble arranging for renovation, but there are plenty of wealthy Sikhs in England and Canada that could more easily fix these shrines up.

    Please, if you wish to see your shrines in good condition, fund their renovation. Our own Muslim shrines are often in poor condition, we don’t have the resources for your shrines as well.

    Contact the Pakistan SGPC, or the walled city of Lahore authority. I’m 100% sure it could be arranged if someone just tried. A few thousand dollars/pounds could preserve a Sikh shrine.

  3. By the way, this site isn’t a garbage dump. The links provided by tahir Iqbal show that it is actually being renovated by the government of Punjab

  4. Thanks to both Samir and Tahir.

    Yes, many forts, palaces, …, are in ruins in the sub-continent.
    Many I am sure UN has declared as heritages, and the money & management
    should come from private donors and managed by NGOs/

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