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3 responses to “A Conspiracy of Silence in the Punjab”

  1. [...] will speak for the community ? It does not augur well for the future of the Sikhs in Punjab. http://news.ukpha.org/2010/08/a-cons…in-the-punjab/ . __________________ Our Gurus have taught us to value every single life. Bhai Kanhaiyaa's [...]

  2. This consirarcy began a long time ago, just another sad statistic of what is happening to our sikh brothers and sisters who try to do good for the faith. May his and our faith in waheguru help him, as those who can have turned their backs.!!!

  3. The accusation regards the presence of “sikh terrorist bases ” in Malaysia was nothing more than empty vassal dying to be notice claim by the SP of Patiala.!0 months after the allegation and numerous claims, the Patiala Police has come with no shred of evidence.The Patiala SP simply wanted to get noticed let off some hot air without any substance in it.Even the Royal Malaysian Police has become tired of waiting for the so called evidence from Patiala police.

    Some mothers do have people like this SP from patiala!

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