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One response to “Bhagat Singh’s alma mater: decaying but not forgotten”

  1. I’ll have you know on personal experience that the people who live in the Mohalla surrounding the Bradlaugh Hall have no sense of humour about statements alleging the Hall is used for “criminal behaviour”.

    It is, however, sad that a building of such significant historical importance is not given its due. I would make a point about how Lahore’s elite could do something about this, because no-one else will and anyone who thinks the government “should try and do something” should realize that, if it hasn’t happened in 63 years, it’s not gonna’ start tomorrow, but the building’s in such bad shape that I doubt it can be restored.

    What is cool, though, is that Gama Pehlwan’s old wrestling ground is nearby. As his his grave. The area’s got some of the most brilliant art-deco you wouldn’t otherwise see unless you got out of your car.

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