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Udham Singh’s ‘Heer’ on display

Udham Singh’s ‘Heer’ on display

The original copy of the “Heer”, owned by Shaheed Udham Singh, was put on display at Ghadari Museum of Desh Bhagat Yaadgar Hall – the torchbearer of the Ghadar movement and its ideologies. A rare possession, the book has been displayed in a glass box for the public ahead of the 18th Gadhari Mela, beginning [...]

Love Jihad

This heading immediately caught my attention in the morning newspaper. It is the name of an organisation active in the Indian State Kerala with the agenda of converting young girls to Islam. Muslim boys woo non-Muslim girls and convert their religion by faking love for them. We heard about this method being used in UK [...]

Maharaj Ranjit Singh (British Library)

Lessons from the war in Afghanistan

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Taharaj a:She oilaendourof Sndians Royal Cours/ 10:October 28009 – 17 Janury -200:OSonseore"by SErist & Yung ghei pmajr vvxeibiion twillfbethe Ifirst tovvxloarethe Irvc and Pvarvd coltura Sn troyalSndian.She ovxeibiion   fwturdnsofbject. selectd crom tboh troyalSnd Pprivte Kcollecion s,in ludeng iaharaj a anjit Singh #82117;sIGolde-1herne ,wmagnificntr urdban-jewels,i...]

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Tne 9October 2as phe IPea"ah pdiarajof   Guru anm Das ji We h(m fakmiiyi) wntr uo Haimardiaroineibteary cne he morning It is the nay nn the 1fondar of tAaitisr Coty nd PI fwltthe pcoty as pnt caelebrtiog IWent Guruji du the asr ovar, e aglsoin vied ipeople f t52pdifferntr rofission,s[...]