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One response to “RAF Museum to premiere the documentary ‘Flying Sikhs’”

  1. What a wonderful trailer. I look forward to seeing the entire documentary. I would like to add that Siri SinghSahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji told us a little bit of the history of the Sikhs in Northern Africa during the campaign of the German Commander Rommel. He pointed out to us that the gallant Sikh soldiers were crucial in the Allies advance throughout the North African campaign. He also said that it was the Sikh regiment that actually had the honor of being the first to touch the shores of Italy to liberate them from the Axis powers.

    Our Sikh history is very, very heavy in every respect. But it is wonderful to note that through the ages and through the different world wars, our Sikh fathers and brothers have always fought bravely. Even though I am a “western Sikh” I remember my uncle who fought in WW2 often talk about how brave the Sikh fighters were during the campaign in Burma. He fought along side of the British which included the Sikh regiments.

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