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2 responses to “Famous Sikh gun lays abandoned on a Pakistani traffic island”

  1. I have seen Zamzamma top many time. It is a beautiful piece of artilary but the dimensions are no where near what Rana Saifullah writes. Can you imagine a gun over 120 feet long and a aperture of almost eight feet. Well the gun in front of Lahore museum is not of theses dimensions.

    This gun was also used by Maharaja Ranjit Singh to capture Multan Fort.

    I quite agree the gun should be better preserved.

  2. Well i believe this article should have proved as an alarming call for the authorities concerned. The historical treasurer should be preserved. Moreover, the dimensions are rightly given. IPS should have read it properly. However, minute dimensions and details would change the tone of the article as the reader should understand this article is basically to alert the authorities concenred about the heritage in danger !!!

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