Love Jihad

This heading immediately caught my attention in the morning newspaper. It is the name of an organisation active in the Indian State Kerala with the agenda of converting young girls to Islam. Muslim boys woo non-Muslim girls and convert their religion by faking love for them. We heard about this method being used in UK on Sikh and other non Muslim girls and horrifying tales of exploitation of girls.

It brings a question to my mind. Why are Sikh girls a gullible target ? Sikh history is replete with stories of hardships and persecution that sikhs faced by the rulers of the time, yet force could not crush the Sikh spirit. Women made the ultimate sacrifice of watching their infants being pierced by spears, cut to pieces and threaded into a garland for the helpless mothers to wear, yet it did not deter them from Sikhi. When Sikh men were ordered to be killed on sight their families were looked after by their women. When hardships could not break them why has an easy and comfortable life made Sikh women lax in sikhi ?

Looking good is the new mantra in the life of a Sikh. No harm in looking good but the problem is it does not differenciate between women of different religions………all look alike ! Here I do not mean the minority pukka sikhs but majority of kuccha sikhs. The new age mom with her short hair, trimmed beard dad and short cut hair kids is a very common sight even in Punjab ………. the homeland of Sikhs. The rich and the influencial born into sikh families do not look like Sikhs. A common excuse for Sikh boys to cut kesh is that Sikh girls like it that way. Many parents voice concern about their daughters asking to be married to ‘clean shave Sikh’.

It is time Sikh women roused the spirit of Mai Bhago in them to bring Sikhs back to Guru’s fold. How about a genuine Love Jihad by young Sikh women to bring the Sikh boys back into Sikh fold and laying the foundation of a Gursikh family ?

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  1. I totally agree with your views and support them. Gurfateh

  2. I so agree with your comment, and also the other blogs. The sad thing is Sikhi is a dying religion, ……. If the government in india is not killing our sikh boys………we have the muslim converting the girls….I blame the parents!!! how many of the children even know about 1984, what price are they willing to pay just to go abroad……………..How many children choose to go to the temple? Those children who live in the uk and have chosen to follow the faith, should be our children of the future and we should acknowledge them and get them to show the children and parents who have gone astray to embrace sikhism and see how beautiful it is…………………Even our own elders or those in power betray us, so we need to be one to get past this holocaust that is upon us at the moment……

  3. Zero tolerance towards menace at every stage is the only solution.

    Believe me there is not going to be any Holocaust, we are ready to bend, crawl and surrender, we will intelligently save ourselves, will merge into any available culture happily!
    Or more intelligent ones will not outwardly change or have not outwardly changed, pretend to be Sikh become custodian of the unparalleled assets and heritage, at the same indulging in ‘Vipran ki Reet’, time boot-licking new masters and getting favours from them.
    So few sample Sikhs will survive, in aquarium like condition, it will be easy life for them, readily available job selling heritage as self appointed curator and guide/ Authority for tourists visiting marvellous/marble-ous buildings and academicians, historians, explores, sceptical, opportunists etc.
    That will be the Greatest Fall from Grace in the History.
    Our Heroes are not sung now in our homes, and are unknown to present generation.

    The gratification of being renowned as open/liberal/adjusting/modern/cooperative as an individual and as a community is a disease that has eaten up our roots. Be bold and shed the addiction of hollow word and insidious tendencies.
    Sikh does not have to shout at top of the voice that she or he is a Sikh, there enough signs that affirm it. Muslims or anyone approach only when one shows the sign of weakness or the courage to back the sign is missing. Meekly we testify that, it is the load of family and history I am ritually carrying unwillingly or at least without conviction, but I am a good, cooperative person, liberal and modern.
    Till few years back knowing that Halal is being served, I use to say in Official Diner, I am vegetarian, intelligently avoiding hurting other’s sentiment or the embarrassment of being labelled as fanatic Jhatkarian.
    It took years for me to realize if being Halal eater and knowingly serving Halal to Sikh is alright, how come Jhatka eater is fanatic/terrorist.
    In fact having realized that Secular Government and Society of free India is passively forcing me to accept Halal; it is cultural terrorism.
    Declare openly what you call Halal (Permissible) is not permissible as per guidelines of some cult, it is cruel way and with instrument of conversion as declaration that “I reaffirm my faith in Koran” is mandatory part of the ritual that makes it Halal.
    I have filed a petition in Rajya Sabha against this discrimination, as government serves only Halal in its Establishments, why?
    Ravi Ranjan Singh

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