Loss of Heritage through Kar Sewa wale Baba

Recently a Sikh aptly commented that historical Gurdwaras in Punjab are marble’lous. The old architecture of Nanakshahi brick, simple square building of Gurdwara has been replaced by huge rectangular marble building with a raised platform for Parkash at its one end.

This reconstruction of Gurdwaras has raised a new breed of Kar Sewa wale Baba. Generally their style of working is to bulldoze the old building, cut all trees and then start reconstructing their marble building without taking into consideration the architectural heritage or historical importance of the Gurdwara.

In the recent past Baba Jagtar Singh of Tarn Taran is notorious for deliberately destroying Sikh heritage. He changed the architecture of Darbar Sahib Tarn Taran to look like Darbar Sahib Amritsar. All art and fresco work inside the old gurdwara building was destroyed without a trace. More than 150 years old art work inside Baba Bakala Gurdwara was repainted by him with new synthetic colors which he claims have to be repainted every five years !

I am sharing a news story from Spokesman dated 9th September, Wednesday, 2009 that someone showed me.

A preacher of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Prabandhak committee Sarabjit Singh Dhotian invited them to see the Gurdwara constructed by Kar Sewa wale Baba Jagtar Singh near historical Baba Vir Singh Ratoke Gurdwara in district Tarn Taran. It has history written as follows “ Katha Raja Ram Shaheed di .” Guru Amardasji asked a  Sikh Baba Daadu to manifest his ( Guruji’s )  ancient tirath in village Dhotian. Daadu said humbly he was illiterate how could he do that ? At once Guruji made Malla Dhoti and another Sikh touch his feet and blessed him saying today onwards you are Guru of even the Gurus and whatever you wish shall happen. Then Baba Daadu asked how is it your ancient tirath place ? Then Guru ji told him that when Sri Ram Chander fell unconscious at this place along with his sons, many parrots sitting here flew off. Only one remained in great agony. Sri Ram Chander asked him why are you writhing in pain ? This place will manifest itself in kalyug and people’s wishes will be fulfilled. After hearing the history Dadu asked Guru Amardas in whose name should the place be manifested…, yours or Ram Chander. Guruji replied this place belongs to Ram Chander so it should be called Shaheed Ram Chander.

Interstingly low caste Mazhabi Sikhs are prevented from doing any sewa there !

According to locals this place was a memorial to Baba Raja Ram sho was martyred along with Baba Vir Singh Rattoke.We need to open our eyes to see that the donation we give to Kar sewa wale in name of Gurdwaras is used constructively and in a useful manner for the Sikhs.

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