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8 responses to “Nabha Royal Family to donate relics”

  1. I am doing research and would lke to know, if there is a family name called Parmar from the nabha village that had any relation to the royal family there? who else might know if you cannot answer this, any help please would be very useful

    Thank you Karen

  2. Dear Karen
    Its common that few people pretend to be royals but they are not. theres no royal family from name PARMAR from Nabha village nor even in INDIA. Whomsoever he/she might be is fake. There are a few people whose nick name is RAJA (means king) they prefix raja with their real name to pretend to be royals as theres a od politician from Nabha RAJA NARINDER SINGH who is not from a royal family. There is no one with PARNAME belongs to any ROYAL FAMILY IN INDIA. Though the four of the Punjab princely states BHADAUR,PATIALA, NABHA AND JIND ARE PHOOLKAS (SIDHU PHOOLKAS)…….. Maharaja of KAPURTHALA was AHLUWALIA, not a jat clan. Whomsover said u hes PARMAR and belongs to a royal family is 100% lie. Maharaja Nabha is from Phoolkian dynasty and related to me.

  3. Dear Karen,

    Yes, I knew one Mr. Devinder Singh Parmar who was from Nabh Family.
    He lived in UK and was married to an English Lady. He died may be 10-15
    years ago due to heart attack, living behind 2 highly qualified daughters.
    You could find more information on Internet or you should try to contact and elderly Sikhs living in the UK.

    regards- Gurdeep Singh Kundan

  4. Dear Mr. karen gosling & harpreet inder phoolka
    Plz. find herewith details about the Great PARMARS…. WHO ARE ACROSS THE WORLD…. RULING IN INDIA,PAKISTHAN,NEPAL ETC……


    List of princely state at the time of independence ruled by Puar/Pawar/Panwar/Ponwar/Parmar and its branches
    Dhar Pawar Maratha(M.P)
    Dewas Sr. Pawar Maratha(M.P)
    Dewar Jr. Pawar Maratha(M.P)
    Rajgarh Ummat (M.P)
    Narsingarh Ummat (M.P)
    Chattarpur Ponwar (M.P)
    Beri Parmar (M.P)
    Dhuwankheri (M.P.)
    Bakthgarh Maifawat (M.P)
    Danta Parmar (Gujarat)
    Sudasna Parmar (Gujarat)
    Muli State Sodha (Gujarat)
    Santrampur Parmar (Gujarat)
    Dumraon Ujjaini (Bihar)
    Chougain Ujjaini (Bihar)
    Jagdishpur (Ujjaini) (Bihar)
    Surgana Pawar (Maharastra)
    Phaltan NaikNibalkar (Maharastra)
    Ranasan Rehavar (Gujarat)
    Garhwal Panwar (Uttarakhand)
    Rajgangpur Parmar (Orrissa)
    Pal Lahara Parmar (Orrissa)
    Jambugodha Parmar (Gujarat)
    Bijolion Thikana Parmar (Rajasthan)
    Lava Sardargarh Dodia (Rajasthan)
    Baghal Panwar (Himachal Pradesh)
    Bhagat Panwar (Himachal Pradesh)
    Amarkot Sodha (Pakisthan)
    Ittunja Puar (Uttar Pradesh)
    Mahgaon Panwar(Uttar Pradesh)
    Nilgaon Panwar(Uttar Pradesh)
    Saraura Panwar(Uttar Pradesh)
    Wadagam Puar (Maharastra)
    Balsan Parmar (Himachal Pradesh)

  5. Dear mr harpreet Singh phoolka,

    You are mistaken parmars do not need to become fake rajas because their history is far superior than phoolkas of phoolka estates .

    Kindly read the chiefs and families of note in punjab by griffin level and c.f Massey

    Parmars in Nabha are chiefs of ranghar nangal in gurdaspur dist who fought with the Britishers in the battle of sabraon ,and chillianwala .Raja Arjun Singh,chief of ranghar nangal whose sister was married to maharaja kharak Singh and daughter to maharaja devinder Singh of Nabha .she was popularly known as rani ranghar nanglian and both her sons were maharaja bharpur Singh and maharaja Bhagwan Singh of Nabha .rani devinder kaur sahiba no dought was a proud princess but her brother sardar jamait Singh of ranghar nangal thought this alliance was beneath their status
    As this marriage alliance was done according to the wishes of maharaja ranjit Singh .
    Raja Arjun singh’s father sardar karam Singh was a great fighter and owner of 2/3 territory in central amritsar, Katra karam Singh and one of amritsars 12 gates are named after him , he strengthened the fort of ranghar nangal and was a very powerful majha chief and owner of territory worth lacs of rupees .the family had zaildari rights over 1500 acres of land in Nabha area . The family fought with the Britishers in Anglo sikh wars were heavily penalized by Britishers and the fort of ranghar nangal which offered continuance resistance to Britishers was destroyed by gen wheeler (written in general wheelers diary ) the widows of ranghar nangal felt safer in Nabha because their own grandson was the maharaja of Nabha .and started living there.

    Each word I have said here is from different additions of chiefs and families of note in punjab and rajas of punjab by griffin lepel, and c.f.massey and is available on the Internet in chiefs of ranghar nangal additions .

    Raja narinder Singh of Nabha is direct decendant of raja Arjun Singh of ranghar nangal and very much a royal .but the people of Nabha do not only respect him because he belongs to any royal family that does not matter at all ,he is perhaps the most honest politician in the history of punjab ,he did not face any corruption charge in his entire political carrier spanning over six decades.

    Gurrattan Singh sidhu

  6. Dear Karen,

    I have done research on Nabha and ranghar nangal families ,kindly read all additions of chiefs and families and you will get all answers. Everything is available online.



  7. Thank you so much for your information Gurdeep Singh Kundan, Naresh singh Panwar and Gurrattan.

    Davinder Singh Parmar was as honest and loyal to his fellow Sikhs as his brother Raja Narinder Singh was. He was a very kind man to everyone that knew him and when he passed away in London, he was carried on a platform through the streets of London with hundreds of fellow Sikhs and english friends, in procession. Swords were drawn which I understand is not normally allowed in London but was allowed for him. He was given a funeral that has never been seen before in London and will never be seen again.
    Once again, thank you so much for your information

  8. Raja Narinder Singh’s last name was Parmar and he was from the royal family of Ranghar Nangal. Record for which can be found in the book ” chiefs and families of note of Punjab”.
    I have heard a lot about Sardar Davinder Singn G from my grandfather Raja Narinder Singh. If you are in any way related we should get in touch.

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