Heritage sites impress upkeep doesnt


The state government should initiative steps for the preservation of heritage buildings of the city so that the coming generation could be made aware about its rich legacy.

These views were expressed by four Oxford University students, who are in the city to interact with the students and teachers of Khalsa College, Amritsar, under the United Sikhs Oxford University Travel Aid English Language Teaching Programme, while talking to The Tribune. During their visit, the students will also explore the Punjabi culture.

Venessa, who is from USA, said the spiritual ambience of the Golden Temple and the resultant positive energy highly impressed them. “However, there’s a need to preserve the heritage building and other old structures in a proper way. The place seems to be a big religious tourism destination and the proper upkeep will only earn more revenue for the government,” she added. Another problems Venessa confronted were stray dogs, heaps of garbage and lack of traffic signals. “It is difficult to even walk here,” she said.

Talking about their interaction with the students of the college, Venessa and her another companion said the former have tremendous potential but due to lack of proper infrastructure they finding it difficult to make best use of it. Vensessa said she found students little hesitant to converse in English. The government should introduce more exchange programmes so that the students can be trained in spoken English, besides acquainting themselves with cultural knowledge of other countries.

Richard from London said he was full of awe when he saw the historic building of the Khalsa college. “It resembles a lot to Keble College of London. It appears that same kind of bricks have been used to construct the two structures,” he quipped.

The programme coordinator Tejinder Pal said that Venessa has insisted on getting training in yoga and meditation. “She is not ready to go back without learning these techniques and has even applied for extension of her stay here,” said Pal.

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