Admn for rechristening Pul Kanjari

pulMoved by the incessant public demand, the district administration has suggested to the government to rename the historical ‘Pul Kanjari’, associated with Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Moran, a courtesan, as ‘Pul Moran’. The demand was triggered by a recent research, according to which the Maharaja had married Moran, who contributed significantly to his kingdom. The administration has also started work on the conservation of the place.

Deputy Commissioner K S Pannu said of late, the district administration had been flooded with demands from historians, researchers, conservationists and the public to rename the place.

“The requests are based on findings of the recent research,” he said, adding that the people found the name ‘Pul Kanjari’ offensive and wanted a respectable title for the honourable woman. He said a que in Pakistan had been rechristened after her. “If a que can be named after Moran, then why can’t a bridge?” he said.

The legend has it that Maharaja Ranjit Singh got a bridge erected for Moran after she lost her shoe in the canal while crossing it to reach the Baradari. “There was a village surrounding the place, which used to be a trading centre, but was ravaged in 1947, and later during successive wars with Pakistan,” said the DC.

Pannu said 2-acre land has been acquired in the area for the conservation work, which has been started on the bridge and the pond. He said work on Shiv Mandir, Baradari, que and gurdwara would also be undertaken.

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