His possessions are rare artefacts

shramaIn today’s fast paced life where it is difficult to spare even a single minute for daily chores, here is a man who has managed to develop his various hobbies into passion.

His profound love for art and culture has inspired him to collect various things, including old coins, currency, books, pens and artefacts, dating back to many years. Meet R.P. Sharma who is always ready to share his precious treasure.

“I started collecting coins in 1953 when my father gifted me some old coins as a token of love. It was the beginning of my passion,” said Sharma while talking to The Tribune.

Till date, he has a collection of 500 old coins representing different years, religions, dynasties, cultures and much more. Some of the rarest coins in his collection are from the era of Guru Hargobind Singh, King George V Mary (released in 1911), Queen Victoria Empress (released in 1862), Mughal period, Purshottam Vivah (released in 1642), East India Company (released in 1835) and Napolean Bonapart (released in 1804).

Extremely passionate about his hobby, Sharma said, “I have dedicated my whole life collecting these unique things from different places. At times people do approach me with an intention to buy these but I prefer gifting them because I believe art is meant to be loved and shared.”

His book bank which has over 100 rare books in varied subjects dating back to a century is something one can be proud of. The rarest book among his collection is “Japuji Sahib – a masterpiece of Guru Nanak Dev” with Hindi text, English translation and a copious commentary written by the chief judge of the then Bhawalpur state, Mehta Udhodas. Besides, he has some very old encyclopaedias, including “Collins Ideal Gem – Encyclopaedia” and “Sayings of the Ayatollah Khomeini”.

Well his love for collecting diverse things does not end here as he has collected old Parker pens some especially bought from America and Germany. Sharma also owns a small kettle which, according to him, was extensively used in World War I for making tea with the help of a candle.

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