Lodhi Fort a picture of neglect

Lodhi fortWhen a city takes its name from a building, efforts are made to conserve the heritage for our future generations. On the contrary, not only the government, the city residents too have shown the same apathy towards the heritage site that gave the city its present name.

Built over five centuries ago, Lodhi Fort, which apparently led to Loodhiana and then Lodhiana, before the city got its present name, is today lying in a state of neglect. A victim of encroachment, the structure is on the brink of losing its identity.

Showing little concern for preserving the site that once housed Muslim ruler Bahlol Lodhi, the successive governments have turned a blind eye to the fort. The premises speaks volumes about unmindfulness of authorities.

A survey in and around the fort reveals that while there is no board where a visitor can trace the history of the fort, the surrounding walls have all been dug into a space for construction of houses.

Besides, the inner structure and the tunnel built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh is in shambles. The tunnel used to connect the fort with his palace in Phillaur across the Sutlej which used to flow from near the fort.

The government had later started the Institute of Textile, Chemical and Knitting Technology (CP Wing) which was later shifted to Rishi Nagar in the city.

Now, the signboard reads that an extension centre is operating from the area. The caretaker at the institute said that about 10 students attend the classes.

Experts say that the fort was looked after by the successive state governments for a couple of years but official apathy has taken its toll on the fort.

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