Baradari Gardens: Of poor upkeep, wild growth & garbage

cowA cow seems to enjoy the wild growth of grass at Baradari Gardens in Patiala.

Having been a cynosure for one and all for decades, the historical Baradari Gardens here seem to have fallen on bad days due to lack of maintenance. This is despite the fact that the district administration is busy finding ways for the resurrection of beautiful spots of Patiala.

The Baradari Gardens, surrounding the Baradari Palace in the north of the city, were set up by the then Maharaja Rajinder Singh, who had brought and planted rare saplings and trees apart for setting up a typical 19th century fern house and a rock garden.

With the passage of time, the Baradari gardens had such a huge popularity in the northern part of the country that people from distant areas flocked to Patiala.

Now, these beautiful and serene gardens have been left crying for attention, with efforts for their revival getting shunned midway for one reason or the other.

The foundation stone laid by former Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on March 2, 2005, to revive the glory of the place only proved to be making mockery of the garden, as no practical effort was made later for the resurrection of the place by any of the authorities concerned.

A round of the place showed that the area earmarked for yoga and meditation was surrounded by thick grass. Plastic bags were littered everywhere, particularly between the yoga area and the Children’s Park.

Heaps of garbage could be witnessed at the place, and it seemed that no effort was made to clear it for months together. The children’s corner was in a shambles. There is a thick growth of grass here. The toy train at the place is lying non-functional and even derailed from the tracks.

Heaps of plastic bags, empty cans and paper could be seen around the central vista. If this was not enough, people were seen using broken water supply pipes in the garden for bath in the open. Stray cattle taking rest around the central vista was a common sight.

The gardens are also not receiving their share of water supply for irrigation purpose, as the channel supplying water to the place is lying non-functional for months owing to its alleged filling by the PWD authorities, who were constructing a fly-over on the 21 number level crossing. As a result, the garden had virtually got dried up.

On its part, the district administration was trying to get water for irrigation of the gardens at the earliest, apart from making some efforts for the revival of glory of the gardens. “ I have instructed the PWD officials to clear the water channel supplying water to the area within two days. Actually, the lack of maintenance of the place was more owing to lack of funds. We have planned to set up a restaurant and rent out a small place to some bank for setting up ATM. Besides, some hoardings could also be put up so that some income could be generated. Income earned from these places could be spent on the maintenance of gardens,” said deputy commissioner D.S. Grewal.

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