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Birthplace of Luv Kush lies in pitiable state

Even as devotees have been deprived of a holy dip at Ram Tirath for a long period, due to non-filling of the vast sarovar (water tank), some devoted individuals have come forward to beautify the surroundings of the oldest Hindu shrine, by spending money from their own pocket.

How to marry a maharaja

It was a story that intrigued and scandalised Spain a century ago: the exotic dancer who caught the eye of a visiting prince and went to live in India as his wife. But plans to tell her story on the big screen have outraged the mahajara's descendants, who fear his reputation will be tarnished

The flickering light of inspiration

The 16th-century Mai Mattaa shrine-cum-temple is facing threat of obliteration due to alleged negligence of the Evacuee Trust Property Board officials. It remained a major source of inspiration for Muslim and Hindu devotees until August 1947.

Anita Delgado

The jewels belonging to Spanish Flamenco dancer Anita Delgado, who became Princess in Kapurthala, are to be sold in Christie's in London on December 12 2007.

Autonomous body proposed to manage heritage

The government is set to form a new statuary body, which will be chaired by the chief minister and will be responsible for the preservation and rehabilitation of historical monuments in the province.