Barnala municipal library lying in a state of neglect

Barnala, the hub of intellectuals and noted Punjabi writers, cannot provide a congenial academic atphere for its people, much to the dismay of readers who frequent the municipal library here.

The only municipal library in the town is now languishing for want of proper attention.

It is really difficult to inculcate reading habits among the youngsters here in the absence of adequate space or proper atphere. Though hundreds of readers throng the library, they all go back disappointed.

The only reading room of the town at the local municipal library is in a state of neglect. It has been declared unsafe by the municipal authorities.

The roof of the room starts leaking once the rany season begins. The library, located in the heart of the city, used to draw readers, especially those interested in reading newspaper, but its dilapidated condition has forced many to stop coming.

Rainwater accumulates in the centre of the reading room because its roof leaks. Then there is the danger of electric shocks as wiring is not properly done. The storage capacity for newspapers too is insufficient and the roof leaks right at the place where the newspapers are stacked and filed.

Sahit Shiromani award winner Om Parkash Gasso, who has penned more than five dozen novels and books of poems, is disappointed with the facilities.

He said reading habits die hard but circumstances can prove it otherwise. If unsafe building and unhygienic surroundings confront the readers, they surely will think twice before heading for the library.

Municipal committee president Makhan Sharma, while admitting that the library is unsafe and fit for readers, said, “ We are looking for another location to shift the librray. As soon as the budget is sanctioned, readers will be provided with a modern and spacious library.”

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