Birthplace of Luv Kush lies in pitiable state

Ram TirathEven as devotees have been deprived of a holy dip at Ram Tirath for a long period, due to non-filling of the vast sarovar (water tank), some devoted individuals have come forward to beautify the surroundings of the oldest Hindu shrine, by spending money from their own pocket.

According to the legend, Maharishi Balmiki scripted epic Ramayana here, and Mata Sita gave birth to her two sons, Luv and Kush, at this very place. Despite its great heritage and history, the ancient temple has steeped in controversy because no sincere efforts are being made to bring rapprochement between the warring factions of mahants and balmikis to ensure overall development and beautification of the shrine. The common devotees want development of this shrine on the pattern of Mata Vaishno Devi temple in Jammu.

However, some individuals, namely Rai Bahadur Mehta (79) in their endeavour to beautify the surroundings of the ancient shrine, succeeded in installing a 55-foot idol of Hanuman, a great devotee of Lord Rama, amidst chanting of hymns, on the auspicious occasion of Divali. He has not collected any fund from anybody but the entire amount was spent from his pocket. The unveiling ceremony was performed by Vijay Chopra, editor-in-chief, Hind Samachar Group of newspapers. A serai has been made on the ground floor of the temple for old people.

The president of all india Hindu shiv sena, Surinder Kumar Billa said the temple, which is a part of the Ram Tirath Mandir complex has been constructed on the piece of land, provided by Sanatan Dharm Sabha, Mahavir Dal.

Giving details of the idol, Rai Bahadur Mehta said it took more than six months to complete the project. The temple also has a “Ram darbar”, comprising idols of lord Rama, Sita mata, Hanuman, Laxman and Durga mata. Another big idol of Hanuman already existed in the basement of the temple.

However, a common devotee is shocked to see the pitiable condition of the Ram Tirath Temple, which needs immediate attention. One notices vehicles reaching right up to the holy parikarma. Shockingly, the management has failed to stop the entry of stray dogs in the parikarma of the temple.

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