Lahores heritage is being ignored

StoneLahore is the cultural hub of Pakistan, but its historical heritage is being ignored, Ann EW Stone, a US political and women’s rights activist, told Daily Times on Sunday.

Stone is on a 10-day visit to Pakistan to conduct workshops with the collaboration of the US State Department on women’s role in politics. She is the founder of the National Women’s History Museum, the US.

The institution aims at introducing great women to the world. She also owns three companies and one bank in the US.She said she liked Lahore, but had difficulty with the pollution and traffic. She said she had visited various parts of the city and felt that its cultural heritage was being ignored.

She said historical buildings were the main attractions to tourists and must be given proper care to boost tourism. She said she had planned to visit more places in Lahore, but because of the presidential elections she had to cut short her plan. She said hotels in Lahore were quite interesting, as some of them had impressive buildings. She said she had enjoyed eating traditional foods.

She said that during her visit she was conducting workshops in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Peshawar. “I mainly want to learn about Pakistani women’s problems.” She said her purpose was to learn about women’s problems in Muslim countries and that she had visited Indonesia for this purpose.

Stone said fewer women in Lahore were running their own businesses. She said that it was tragic to see many women living in poor conditions and struggling for their basic rights. She said these women had to fight a long war for their rights. She said the government still had to play a role in empowering women. She said illiteracy was the basic problem in this region. She said women were less confident and rarely asked her any questions.

She said the Pakistani media should highlight the basic problems of society and should be an agent of development. She said the media in the US was an active participant in social development.

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