Is a slice of history buried in Bandala?


It may be a folktale or a historic fact, but residents of this village believe that Alexander the Great, during his invasion in 326 BC, camped here. They say they have heard verbal sagas from their ancestors that Alexander had received a resistance from the local rulers and after camping here, he returned to his country, Greece, after crossing Indus, which now flows in Pakistan.

On the other hand, historians and conservationists who studied the brick structures for the historical evidences are a bit skeptical, though they say that Alexander had arrived up to Beas river. The village is only 20 kms from the river’s banks and might have come in the way of the Greece king who wanted to win the whole world, says Prof Balwinder Singh, a heritage conservationist at Guru Nanak Dev University.
“As far as the old structures in the village are concerned, I do not think they are older than 300 years. But if more excavations are done, we may get some evidence,” said Prof Balwinder, adding that some old buildings and a well were unique and might belong to the period older than Sikh ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Meanwhile, some of the bricks found during the digging by villagers for re-building their houses, are being examined by the experts.

“Even parts of skeletons are found whenever digging takes place,” said Swaran Kaur, an old woman.

Another villager Kulwant Singh, 70, says that he was born in the village and had heard from his father and grandfather about the historic value of the village. “Some government officials came and visited our village many a time and said that Alexander was defeated here,” he said.

Kulwant said Kapurthala Maharaja had made a serai in the village and the remnants of the old buildings could still be seen. “We had heard that there existed a mud fort on which the village has come up. The rulers were defeated by Alexander and they fled to the South and much later the village came up,” he said.

An Archeologist expert from GNDU, Dev Dard, said there were enough proofs about Alexander taking this route, but whether he had camped here could not be said with certainty.

Amritsar Deputy Commissioner Kahan Singh Pannu said after hearing about the historical importance of the village, he recently paid a visit to the area. “I feel that excavations should take place in the village to find the traces of history. We may ask the state government for funds and seek help of the Archeological Survey of India,” the DC said, adding that as per a legend, local rulers, who fought Alexander bravely, were called Kaths and they were sent to Gujarat to set up what is today known as Kathiawad.

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  1. please used the word bundala not bandala bec. in google map my village name is bundala. while searhing in google search some one seach bundala and view the map but not seen histroy of bundala . when we use bandala then histroy come and map not come . is karke mare varge ki histroy ton vanje rhe jande aa

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