Alexander faced defeat here

Mural Remnants of 2,300 yr old fort to see light

The excavation work to retrieve the remnants of the 2,300-year-old fort of Kath tribes, which once lived in this village and defeated Alexander, would be started soon. The residents of this village had not allowed Alexander to cross the Beas.

The village – full of ancient and dilapidated structures – speaks volumes about the antiquity of the place. However, due to apathy of all concerned, the magnificent fort got buried under earth and villagers started constructing their houses there. It was a chance recovery of a 12x200x25 wall, believed to be of the fort, by Karm Singh. Since he did not know the historical significance of the place, he stopped further digging and decided to start construction of his residence there after filling up the trench. The villagers also found an old underground water channel on which now many houses had been constructed.

The onslaught of modernity has never been more visible than in this village. Many magnificent buildings which once flourished has now alt disappeared. Hardly anyone is bothered about the preservation of ancient toys and earthen utensils.

Deputy Commissioner Kahan Singh Pannu, who visited the village along with NGO members Dev Dard and Talwinder Singh, was surprised to see the ancient buildings where the archaeologists had found traces of Mahabharta and Ramayana periods. Dev claimed that he had found grey and black pottery, which was found during the exaction work at Kurukshetra.

The deputy commissioner, however, assured the villagers that adequate compensation would be given to those whose houses would be demolished to carry out excavation work.

Punjabi writer Manmohan Bawa has already mentioned the defeat of Alexandra at this village.? The ancient name of the village was “Jundala”.

The village is also inhabited by Naths – the descendants of Gorakh Nath. These ancient yogis discovered that the secret of cosmic consciousness is intimately linked with breath mastery. The village is dominated by Hundal Jats. The Hundals are said to be descendants of Baba Handal.

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