Signs of the ancient times

PAD director general Muhammad Shahbaz Khan told Daily Times that several points in the city which could help find out more about the areas’ historic significance. He said the government and various relevant authorities had been told about the matter. He added that since he was also an archaeologist, he had planned to write on the subject.

Other PAD officials requesting anonymity told Daily Times that the department had made a plan to dig the Walled City for more such ancient signs. They said many of the artefacts found in the Walled City were of the same era as Mohenjodaro and Harappa. They said more such clues could change the known history of Lahore.

Sources said the PAD would have to seek permission from the federal government to dig parts of the Lahore Fort and the Walled City in search of more ancient artefacts because the act would be a violation of the Special Premises Act and if ruined, the structure would be hard to restore. However, they said, a survey would at least be done in the area.

Another PAD official, requesting anonymity, told Daily Times that the research was already being conducted. “The issue is very sensitive and technical and the department will seek permissions and help form the government.” He said the areas marked for the research were very populous and old. “We also need experts to guide us in the process,” he added. He said the PAD was also considering exhibiting the newly discovered artefacts in the Lahore Museum.

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