Sheesh Mahal awaits more funds…

He said the United States had provided $30,000 for the restoration of the gate. He said the wooden door built in Alamgir’s era in 1673 had been standing for the last 400 years.

The gate had lost its historic character after being whitewashed, he said. “Water seepage has affected the gate,” he said. “The fresco work will start soon.”

The work would be completed in a few months, he said. “Whitewash layers will be removed.” He said. “Termite has affected some of the gate.” Akbari Gate and Jehangir’s Quadrangle would be conserved on a priority basis, another official said.

PAD director general Oriya Maqbool Jan said, “No preservation measures have been taken for the last 60 years.”

He said the PAD had hired experts for this purpose. He said the American consulate had urged the PAD to mention its contribution at the Alamgiri entrance. The PAD had refused to mention its contribution, he said. The Lahore Fort is one the major attractions among the archeological sites in Lahore. According to the officials, about 5,000 visitors visit it daily.

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