Pollution poses threat to Golden Temple, Amritsar

Alarmed over the development, the Punjab pollution control board (PPCB) has decided to have special air monitoring done in the area of the golden temple. Even  though an air monitoring centre of the PPCB already functioning in the holy city, it is located at a distance from the golden temple. In view of this the board has decided to have a special drive undertaken  to gauge the extent of air pollution in the immediate vicinity of the golden temple.

Sources in the PPCB said that there were at least about a dozen dyeing and soap manufacturing units in neighbourhood the golden temple. Also there were a large number of jeweler shops, which are estimated to be around 150, in the vicinity of the golden temple.

The effluents from these dyeing and soap manufacturing units pollute the air badly and this could affect the  colour of the white marble of the temple.

These sources said that when gold and silver were melted in the jewellers' shops there was emission of toxic gases including sulphur dioxide besides other gases which posed a serious threat to the grandeur of  the white marble.

These sources further revealed that the monitoring would continue for about 15 days and it is believed that in case the survey reveals threat of discolouring of the marble, the board may recommend remedial  measures to be taken.

It is pertinent to mention that Gurmeet Rai, Director, Cultural Resource Conservation Initiative has already criticized the prestigious 5.35 km Elevated Road Project to Sri Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) at a cost  of Rs173 crore. 'It will be disastrous to maintain our cultural hearitage", she said.

She has said that it will create further traffic chaos near by Darbar Sahib Complex. She said that sanctity of Darbar sahib and will create disturbance when  vehicles goes down directly to Darbar Sahib, it will be disastrous, she added.

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