Law for preservation of Walled City in deliberation

Speaking at the Exploring the Economic Potential of the Walled City seminar, he said that new regulations were required to cope with the challenges being faced. He said that that a proposed draft had been prepared and would soon be finalised. A realisation on how historic cities should be managed is needed, he said. “The challenge is to make the Walled City economically viable while promoting culture and tourism. This is only possible with the help of all stakeholders, especially citizens.”

SDWCL director general, Muhammad Humayun Farshori, said, “The project’s objective is to bring the cultural heritage of the Walled City into modern society.” He said that people were abandoning the Walled City because of unhygienic and unsafe conditions. He said the project would involve a long-term and sustainable economic revival. Removing encroachments, reclaiming occupied space, parking lots and legislation for the grandeur of the Walled City are key issues for the completion of the project. “This task is impossible without the support of stakeholders and proper strategic planning.”

Fakir Syed Aijazuddin, in a visual presentation titled A Journey Through Time, provided glimpses of old Lahore and its architectural grandeur. He called for the documenting of Lahore’s history and revival of ancient culture. Raffaele Gorjux, a Moroccan architect, gave a briefing on Methods To Explore Tourism-Related Economic Potential of the Walled City (Pilot Project) Lahore. He explained that Morocco was collaborating with the Punjab government to assess the pilot project’s economic viability.

Dr Shaukat Mahmood (Maxim) gave a visual presentation on Architectural Heritage of the Walled City. All the seminar participants called for effective legislation to ensure the project’s sustainability by future governments.

Senior government officials, district government representatives, cultural experts, architects and students from various universities attended the daylong seminar.

The seminar was organised to encourage awareness of the Walled City’s development. Organisers solicited suggestions regarding appropriate ways of maintaining equilibrium between the development and conservation of the Walled City. Chief Secretary Salman Siddique was the chief guest on the occasion.

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