Sikh Gurus gifted artifacts to my forefathers, says Syed Qadri

Syed Qadri agreed that Sai Mian Mir was not a married man. However, he said that he was the 19th direct descendant of Hazrat Khawaza Abu Syed Masoom, “Gaddi Nashin” of Sai Mian Mir. Born on March 13, 1953, Syed Qadri became the founder-chairman of the Sai Mian Mir Foundation of Pakistan in 2004.

He said he was the direct descendant of Sai Makhdom Abu Syed Fateh Ullah Masoom, who had come to Lahore where Sai Hazrat Mian Mir Sahib granted him the first-ever deputyship (a caliph), which further trickled down to him (Syed Chan Pir Qadri, the last descendant and “Gaddi Nashin” of Durbar Hazrat Mian Mir Sahib, Lahore, Pakistan.

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