Of vanishing tribe of folk singers

Mr Dhillon said there would be scores of folk singers surrounded by a big audience. This remained to be the prime attraction at the mela.

However, with the passage of time, the space for the mela had shrunk as people started growing paddy. As if that was not enough, the political parties had further added to the space problems as t of those set up their stages to address for conferences.

Besides, there was no restriction on the number of loudspeakers the parties install, thus adding to the chaos and confusion, Mr Dhillon said.

The folk singers also regret the loss of cool atphere of the mela. They would not use any mikes or loudspeakers. They did not use it even now. However, their voice got lost in the sound of loudspeakers. Now, they searched for the isolated corners to hold their shows.

One such group was performing at the nearby crematorium. However, very few diehard admirers listen to them, he added.

The singers said every year the number of folk singers coming to the mela was declining. So was the number of listeners. They said, the time was not that far when there would be no traditional folk singers singing the songs at a major cultural festival.

They suggested that the government must earmark a particular space for them at the mela. 

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