My City Amritsar needs to be put on the right track

Unable to run factories, owners had converted them into marriage palaces or into residential colonies.

The city abounds in rich heritage in the form of fresco painting and architectural buildings, which are being demolished in the name of modernity and today, we have malls without parking space.

Gurudwara Baba Atal Rai is the classic example of fresco painting about which a handful of people know. In fact, we have destroyed the ambience in the form of small lanes around the Golden Temple where people used to jostle with each other shopping for trinkets and Punjabi ‘juttis’. It has all vanished.

Traffic management is alt non-existent and all roads lead to chaos. Apart from this, encroachment is another evil plaguing the city. The violators of law have become stronger than the administration, which has reduced to a mute spectator.

The Municipal Corporation has not delivered well. Violators are choking the city by constructing wide road dividers, while every inch of footpath is encroached. On one hand, the MC cart the city’s garbage in open trolleys. On the other hand, they are putting up horrendous looking lights on the road crossings.

The MC is allowing people to put up huge hoardings all over the town at all vantage points even at green belts with impunity. It is a total let down by the local administration. Amritsar is also known for its medical education and has produced world famous doctors and surgeons.

The citizens of Amritsar hardly care to protest against the vandalisation of this Holy City. Its time that we the citizens of Amritsar should get our act together and make the city the t beautiful city in the world.

With unplanned construction it has become a chaotic city, another sad part of the story is that the city is in the grip of drug abuse and there is no one to combat this deadly menace. The city belongs to the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh. I request him to send a team of professionals to put the city on the right track. 

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