Land sharks grab ponds

As many as 12 wells were bored in Patiala, while Ludhiana had 24 wells, and Amritsar had the maximum of 40. The level of progress Amritsar had attained at that time can be gauged from the differences between the number of wells bored in Amritsar and other cities.

The British engineers had laid down a well-planned uninterrupted water supply system supplemented by a green cover around it. They used 125-horse-power diesel-operated engine to harness water. They had also constructed residential quarters and bungalows for their employees there. These buildings are still intact. However, these days a few employees of the Amritsar Municipal Corporation are ready to live there, even as adjoining this residential complex is a big pool of stagnant water. It has become a place for breeding of quitoes, and stench can be smelled from afar.

So much so that the moat around the historic Ram Bagh and the twelve gates were dismantled in the name of development.

The administration, however, claims that owing to the scarcity of funds and poor security cover, the garden could not be restored to its pristine glory.


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