History being flattened

Mr Dev Dard, an ardent numismatist and history lover, has urged the Department of Archaeology to preserve this mound otherwise it would be too late.

With the shrinking of the mound, the remains of cluster of small houses, which were buried after some disaster, would be lost forever. Boundary walls of such houses can be seen with naked eyes after rain. Bowls of the period of the Kushans were also found from the mound.

Interestingly, nearly a four-century-old idol of Guru Nanak, made from baked earth was recently found from this village . Idols of the Kushan period were also excavated by some archaeological lovers. However, the Department of Archaeology has not yet understood the importance of this site.

The Tribune team, during a visit to the historical border village here, found that residents of this village have been selling the “treasure trove” for a song to outsiders who know the significance of such items. These items fetch them a high price in the international market.

Mr Dard, who is regular visitor to the site, told The Tribune team that beads made of precious stones like carnelian, agate, monga and silver, and gold coins of various periods, besides precious ivory bracelets, toys, pots and cartwheels were found from the mound during excavation. He has created a museum at his house in Amritsar.

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