Conservation experts visit heritage buildings in Patiala

Mr Taylor said he had been to Anandpur Sahib to see Khalsa heritage complex and museum. He said he had seen medal gallery and other relics in Patiala apart from Qila Mubarak.

The expressing satisfaction over the upkeep of heritage buildings of this town, he said he would prepare a report for some preservation work in Punjab after selecting heritage buildings and other sites. He added he had some ideas for arranging funds for preservation work of those sites.

He had also been collecting data in connection with certain art and culture work in Punjab and for this, he had been consulting agencies in Pakistan as there was similarity between culture of Punjab and culture of a bigger region of Pakistan. For this task, he would be taking help from other agencies like the Sikh Heritage Foundation.

The idea behind this exercise, he said was to identify the heritage buildings, monuments and relics, which needed preservation and protection. Preservation and protection work should be done by the experts by adopting the latest and effective techniques.

Mr Taylor, also saw an exhibition by Mr Mohan Singh, a former curator, Museum, Punjab by fetching relics connected with Sikh Gurus from different parts of the state, and said he was lucky to get an opportunity to see those things, which once belonged to them, who had given a new religion in this world. He added if his help was sought for preserving the same, he would offer his services.

Mr Rakesh Verma, deputy commissioner, said reason for the visit of conservation experts to this town was that they wanted to make the conservationists of the state aware of the latest techniques used for preservation and conservation of relics. He added the Punjab government would make arrangements to evolve a strategy with Mr Taylor to preserve relics of state.

Mr Mohan Singh, former curator, museum Punjab, said there were 600 relics connected with all Sikh Gurus with different people in Punjab and other states. t of these relics were in bad shape. To preserve these, he had been trying to take help from the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History.

Dr Kevin Franklin, University of California, USA, Dr Sohan Singh, Sikh Heritage Foundation, Weirton West Virginia, USA, Dr Robert. J. Koestler, Director, Museum Conservation, Smithsonian, Washington DC and 10 other experts accompanied Mr Taylor.

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