No takers for this renovated swimming pool

But the local residents as well as the authorities have failed to maintain these historical sites.

The historical Shalimar Bagh is one of these neglected sites.

In the Bagh, the tombs of the family members of the erstwhile rulers of Kapurthala and a swimming pool constructed in the times of Maharaja Jagatjit Singh lie in dilapidated conditions.

The tombs in the Bagh are in neglect. The district administration is awaiting funds for carrying out the restoration work of these tombs and other buildings in the district.

The swimming pool has been left unused even after its renovation spending lakhs of rupees a few years ago. The rooms on the side of the pool, which were meant to be used for taking showers before going for a swim, have become dens of creeping creatures and wasps.

Before the renovation of the pool, these rooms were used by the octroi and the water supply departments as offices.

Now the octroi offices have been shifted to the historical Baradari building.

The swimming pool, after renovation, was given to a contractor for maintenance, but due to lack of control on unwanted elements by any authority, nobody has tried to venture in for the past two years.

Moreover, nobody seems to be ready to start it, as deaths were reported in the pool whenever it was started in the summers in the past.

By decreasing the level of water and building the pool with single surface, the risk of accident could be tackled, Mr Suket Gupta, an architect of the town, said.

“The swimming pool has a slope after which it fills with deep water and when a newcomer goes towards the slope, he lose his balance and meets with accident,” he added.

Shalimar Bagh once used to be the pride of the town and even today, hundreds of residents prefer to go there for their morning and evening walks. But the Municipal Committee also found it a better place for housing its offices and storing garbage trolleys, throwing the sanctity of the garden to the winds. People are now even allowed to ply heavy vehicles into the garden.

In fact, the garden has become a shortcut intersection for the localities situated around the garden

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