Source of Kali Bein drying up

The bauli no longer contributes any water to the historic river. The water level in this natural source has gone down by about 10 feet. The bauli is located in a low lying area near the Beas river. The area was once waterlogged.

However, due to the indiscriminate use of water in the past two decades the water level in the entire area has gone down by about 20 feet. Now the authorities pump water into the Kali Bein river from the Mukerian hydel canal.

After starting from Dhanoa, Kali Bein moves parallel to the Beas river through the plains gathering water from the surrounding area for about 170 km. It has also played an important role in forming fertile plains by bringing down large sediments during floods. The river culminates in Beas at Ahlikalan village about 10 km short of Harike Pattan. Enroute the river also feeds the Kanjli wetland.

It is also historically significant because Guru Nanak Dev was said to have received enlightenment after taking a dip in the Kali Bein river.

Baba Balbir Singh Seechewal has been working relentlessly to clean the environment and develop the area around river Kali Bein. However, despite his best efforts the river is threatened by encroachments. Due to encroachments on the riverbed at places it has been reduced to a small stream.

The elders of Dhanoa village have demand that keeping in view the historical significance of the river, the government or some voluntary organization should launch a program to recharge the bauli.

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