Hollywood shows interest in Kapurthala royalty

He said Indian actors would, in all probability, play the other lead roles in the film based on the book “Pasio’n India” by Javier Maro, a Spanish writer.

Anita Delgado, better known as Maharani Prem Kaur of Kapurthala, married the Maharaja in 1908 when she was just 18 years old.

Criticising the policies of the government, Mr Shatrujit Singh said there was a vast scope for tourism in Kapurthala because of its heritage buildings. “But due to the apathy of our government, the buildings are turning into ruins,” he alleged.

The National Geographic Channel, which was making a serial on the kings and palaces of India, was denied the permission by the Union Defence Ministry to shoot the Jagatjit Palace. Perhaps, the ministry apprehended criticism on the upkeep of the palace that is housing Sainik School presently, he alleged.

“The Jagatjit Palace could have been used as a heritage hotel, attracting thousands of foreign tourists,” added Mr Shatrujit Singh.

“I had met the ambassadors of Japan, Russia, France, UK, Italy and other countries who expressed their desire to visit Kapurthala to see the heritage buildings,” he said, adding, “The Moroccan ambassador even offered assistance for the restoration of the Moorish que.”

He added that his company, Louis Vuitton, and he would organise a three-month exhibition in Paris from May 4, displaying the works of Indian artists and photographs of Kapurthala.

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