The legend of Gurudwara Thehri Sahib

Bhai Kuldeep Singh, a priest at Gurudwara Thehri Sahib, said: “By this, Guru Gobind Singh wanted to test his Sikh followers, and see whether they were true to their faith. The Guru said, in future the Sikhs would be the protectors of the Sikh faith and ‘maryada’. They would prosper and grow from strength to strength following his teachings.

It is also believed that Guru Gobind Singh halted near a group of three trees and rested his arms and belt on them. The trees, which are alt 300 years old, still stand as a testimony to his visit inside the gurudwara complex.

Manjit Singh, a devotee, said: “As this place was visited by the Guru Gobind Singh, people have great faith in it. They come from far-off and near to pay obeisance. The Guru blessed the place by saying that whosoever comes here with devotion will get his wishes fulfilled”.

Managed by the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee, the old structure of the Gurudwara was transformed into a marbled building in July 2000.

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