Hoardings of govt’s achievements at the cost of heritage?

Experts feel that the advertisers in connivance with city’s politicians have found a novel way to evade penalty or removal of hoardings by featuring ruling party politicians. This has served a double purpose as no one wants to be on the wrong side of politicians by removing the hoardings.

Even the entrance gate of holy city, where a welcome board was put up earlier has not been left out. This welcome board is now covered by hoarding of Congress government boasting of ‘development works’ along with the pictures of the Prime Minister and the President of the All India Congress Committee.

Some low rung leaders, including councilors, have installed hoarding with their own photographs at every nook and corner of the city. Interestingly, some of these hoardings have the pictures of leaders who had been declared ‘10-numberi’ in police records.

Mr Gurcharanjit Singh Lamba, a resident of Shaheed Udham Singh Nagar, said that Chief Minister, Capt Amrinder Singh, being a votary of the heritage, should not allow this type of invasion on the heritage city. It ought to be rectified at the earliest. He said Amritsar did not belong to a group, party or even government. This was a world heritage centre, even though it might not be officially declared so, he added.

The High Court had banned putting up of such hoardings on railway tracks and roads within the municipal corporation limits as it distracted the attention of people driving vehicles and putting their lives at risk and causing accidents.

Shockingly, the municipal corporation has allowed the installation of unipoles for putting up advertisement hoardings. The contractors have shamelessly erected these unipoles without any rules or considering about convenience of the common man. Unipoles have gobbled up pavements and traffic islands in the city while the civic authorities have turned a blind eye to this menace. The glaring example is green belt in front of the entrance to the Railway station, which is also a traffic bottleneck. The corporation has allowed installation of a unipole right in the middle of the green belt marring the beautiful view.

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