Gurinder Chadha marks the launch of Punjab Heritage News

From the Greek invasions of Alexander through the grandeur of Mughal rule in North India to the Sikh Kingdom of Lahore and later genteel British administration, the state of the Punjab has seen them all. Each of these mighty civilisations  has left its inimitable mark on the landscape in monuments, arts and the culture of music and food. That heritage, a treasury of the world’s great civilisations is today under threat.

The heritage of Punjab is bound up in the marks of history left on the country; monuments built by invaders, kings and residents and the artistic expression of Punjabis. A powerful combination of robust colour, strong narrative and brutal honesty distinguish Punjabi art in all its forms prompting one 19th century observer to describe the unique colour palette of the Punjab as “warm and rich and fearless.” Architecturally the heritage of the Punjab includes powerful Islamic monuments, beautifully intricate Hindu and Sikh hybrid forms as well as the grand residences from the Raj and the courtyard homes of nobles.

Punjab Heritage News at has been designed to bring the latest news and commentary on the heritage of the Punjab available on the internet. Supported by a massive archive of news stories this website collates the latest news stories and makes them available through an RSS/XML feed for users to subscribe to a add to their newsreader. Commentary is provided through editorials and book reviews in addition to a web log that will articulate the thoughts of practitioners, activists and writers on the condition of the State’s heritage giving a much needed voice and advocacy to the preservation community around the world.

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