Whole street of Abbottabad Pakistan burnt to ashes to steal Hindu Sikh temples

Land mafia was blammed for the destruction of property and revenue records of the town,which was built by Britishers in 1876.   Few months ago a heritage building at the corner of Gurdwara gali was sold off at a cheap price by the evacuee trust of Pakistan,..which is headed by a retired lieutenent general of Pakistan Army.

A multi storey commercial plaza got built at the site of that heritage building..   Same mafia had their eyes on the historical gurdwara gali of Abbottabad,which contained a huge hindu mandir ,a sikh gurdwara and beautiful shops containing verandahs with columns with flowery capitals.   Two days ago there was an indication about a huge fire which burnt 30 shops in this historical area of the bazaar.   No Pakistani newspaper reported this incident fire, which might have destroyed the historical area.   Fire truck of the corrupt municipal committee was located just across the street..   Issues of the fire damage of the record room and the fire of Gurdwara gali got hushed up by the authorities and they seem inter-connected.   Gurdwaras and hindu mandirs in other towns of North West Frontier province are also being grabbed for commercial plazas ,..by the mafia after paying bribes to the concerned custodians…   How fast we are losing our heritage of cultural and architectural significance…are we at the mercy of corrupt officials and mafia of Pakistan..'''   It is strange that both governments of India and Pakistan could not protect this heritage.

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