Capital of Gaddri Babas in deplorable condition

Earlier, a major portion of the 500-year-old house of Bebe Nanki, elder sister of Guru Nanak Dev at Sultanpur Lodhi (Kapurthala) was demolished during 'Kar Sewa', to construct a modern building.

Bhai Bidhi Chand was born to Bhai Wasan, who lived at village Sur Singh. His mother belonged to Sarhali, a famous village in Amritsar district. Bidhi Chand was not only a brave and tactful soldier, but also a great devoted Sikh.

The other historical buildings in this border village were damaged in the past. The Sur Singh village played a significant role during freedom struggle . It produced at least 37 Gadri Babas, including those hanged with Kartar Singh Sarabha. Unfortunately, nobody bothered to trace the residences of these Gadri Babas who had made supreme sacrifices for the sake of country and scripted glorious history of the freedom struggle including ancestral house of Baba Jagat Singh in the village who was hanged along with Kartar Singh Sarabha on November 16, 1915 in the first Lahore conspiracy case. His name has got a mention in many novels and books on history.

A renowned Punjabi writer, Waryam Singh Sandhu , who belongs to this historical village said many heritage buildings of the village had already been demolished one-by-one. Recalling old days, he said there was a big structure, built on the pattern of Mughal architecture when he was young. He further said that another structure, which was part of the 'Samadh of Baba Bidhi Singh' too was demolished.

It is surprising that neither the state government nor the central government made any effort to convert the historical village as heritage site, which has a great tourist potential.

Master Hira Singh, a retired government teacher took The Tribune team to the ancestral house of Bhai Bidhi Chand, which is in a pitiable condition. The remains of the building need to be preserved at the earliest.

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