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City residents angry at tapestry removal

The removal of priceless tapestry from the courtroom of the Punjab and Haryana High Court Chief Justice, Mr Justice B.K. Roy, reportedly at his own directions, has left city residents angry.The tapestry was designed by Le Corbusier who planned the city.

The Bheema temple in Pinjore.

Nestling in the sylvan surroundings of the Shivalik range, 20 km from Chandigarh, on the Chandigarh-Shimla National Highway, is the township of Pinjore, which is steeped in history. The town, besides being a retreat for tourists, has remained the centre of attraction for art lovers and archaeologists who come here to see these rare archaeological [...]

Covering beri tree may disturb birds habitat

The over-enthusiasm of the SGPC to cover the five-century old 'Ber Baba Budha' tree with fibre glass to keep 'parikarma' of the Golden Temple free from shedding leaves could disturb the natural habitat of birds, especially sparrows.

Fresco of Ranjit Singh era destroyed

The old wall painting of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s era depicting Maharaja Ranjit Singh holding a Darbar has been destroyed from the haveli in the congested walled city opposite to the Hindu College which was demolished reportedly to raise a shopping plaza.

Haveli being pulled down for shopping mall

A ‘haveli’ built during the regime of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, situated in the walled city just opposite to Hindu College here, is being demolished, reportedly for constructing a shopping complex. This is the second such ‘haveli’ which is being demolished. Earlier, ‘Jainian di Haveli’ of the same era was demolished about two months ago. That [...]

Kila Mubarak set to revive royal splendour

THE fortunes of Kila Mubarak, the fort palace of the Phulkian dynasty in Patiala, have been inconsistent. Though it is no longer in the possession of the scions of the erstwhile dynasty, it is inexplicably tied up with their fate. When Amarinder Singh is out of office, the Kila remains forgotten. When he returns to [...]

Patiala pegs its fortune on heritage

THE former princely state is reinventing itself as a hub of art and culture. As part of this makeover, Rajendra Kothi is being turned into a heritage hotel, the first in Punjab, writes Aditi Tandon (Top) Rajendra Kothi in Patiala will be Punjab’s first heritage hotel. Hotels qualify for the heritage tag if at least [...]

Heritage buildings

The report on the demolition of a heritage building in Amritsar (March 2) is shocking. It underscores the need to preserve and protect these buildings. Unfortunately, INTACH is not playing its role properly. It should have intervened and stopped the demolition. There is a need to constitute an autonomous committee of experts which should identify [...]

Modernisation at the cost of heritage

To give modern look to ‘Jamadar di Haveli’, of Maharaja Ranjit Singh era in the heart of the city here, the temple management has replaced old ‘nanakshahi bricks’ of the dome with white bathroom tiles which do not synchronise with the old structure.