Cornices replaced with steps

These 'steps' jar with the octagonal structure which is about 20 feet high and bears a matching octagonal dome that stands in consonance with the Sikh school of architecture. Thousands of devotees from all walks of life who visit Gurdwara Baba Deep Singh to pay obeisance to the martyr who made the supreme sacrifice for securing the sanctity of Sri Harmandar Sahib also visit this structure.

The structure is located close to the sanctum sanctorum of the gurdwara. Architectural expertise is missing despite its historical significance as Baba Jodh Singh was the son of Sardar Jassa Singh Ramgarhia, founder of the Ramgarhia sect, lamented Mr Onkar Singh Sandhu Harijindrawale, patron of the Ramgarhia Federation. The 'steps' do not match with the traditional design and aesthetic harmony,' he asserts.

The marble plaques affixed on the structure too are 'misleading', which pronounce different aspects and names to the structure.

In another faux pas, a slab in the verandah near the stairs leading to 'sukh asthan' listing samadhs includes the name of samadh of Jassa Singh Ramgarhia. Mr Sandhu pointed out that as per the records, Sardar Jassa Singh died in Sri Hargobindpur Sahib and was cremated there.

Mr Sandhu said the structure would become more meaningful if the SGPC notifies a brief history of the gurdwara and the contributions of Ramgarhias, besides rectifying the tampering with ancient art work.

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