Let experts do kar seva minorities panel

However, Baba Amrik Singh who supervises the kar seva of Baba Atal claims that all attention was being paid to preserve the age-old Sikh heritage while carrying out the kar seva. He showed the damaged portion of the Baba Atal, the 40-metre high building which require immediate repair. He said glasses of the murals were removed so that the art work could be traced on papers. Shockingly, during the previous kar seva carried out in the year 1992, bathroom tiles had replaced the frescos on the walls of the ground floor which had drawn flak from the art lovers.

Interior walls of the first floor were adorned with murals depicting Sikh history. Less than 100 panels of murals had been left on the first floor of the Baba Atal while rest of them have been obliterated beyond recognition.

However, Baba Amrik Singh said that he was not responsible for the kar seva being carried out inside the historical Ramgarhia Bungas. The interiors of the ‘bungas’ are being repaired with cement which do not synchronise with the old structure. Earlier, the bungas were badly damaged during the Operation Blue Star.

Baba Amrik Singh said the murals in Baba Atal would be repaired with colours and material used by the original artists. The art work is being restored by Harbans Singh and Jaswant Singh who had more than 40 years experience in the field while Pandit Mani, a resident of Bihar, has been helping to restore the building work with lime and the material used by the original artists.

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