Bebe nanaki house to be preserved.

Jathedar Amrik Singh said that the possession of the palatial house of Bebe Nanaki was taken by the kar sewa jatha after a long legal battle. He said Bebe Nanaki had arranged the marriage of Guru Nanak Dev in this house. The ancient house was later used as a 'dharmshala' for a long time.

However, it was a matter of regret that a big portion of the ancient house in Mohalla Sikhan was damaged during the 'legal battle'. Bebe Nanaki who was married to Bhai Jai Ram was issueless and hence the house remained in possession of those who looked after the couple in old age. The big 'bohar' tree, sapling of which was said to be planted by Bebe Nanaki herself, near the house is also witness to many historic events. The tree would also be preserved. Jathedar Amrik Singh said though a big portion of the house had already crumbled yet efforts would be made to re-construct it again as per old design.

Mr Gurinder Paul Singh 'Anthak', president of the Kalgidhar Naujwan Sabha, said a big part of the house crumbled in the recent past. It was a two-storeyed majestic building which looked like a small fort. However, due to apathy of all concerned it could not be preserved in time. Though belated, the house could still be restored in its original design as old picture of historical buildings were available. He said the building had been used as a dharmshala for years together.

From time to time the building remained in possession of Baba Dhian Singh and his descendants, Baba Partap Singh, Bhai Mani Singh, Mr Jit Singh and Mr Sadhu Singh. {pagebreak}

Baba Jagtar Singh had to give compensation to some of the persons to vacate the building. While some of them vacated the house without demanding any money. Jathedar Amrik Singh said the wells of the house dried about 10 years ago as the water level of the town had gone down. He claimed that the residents of the town used to get water which had medicinal value.

Jathedar Amrik Singh claimed that at one time even Maharaja Ranjit Singh had paid a visit to the house. However, the successive governments could not get possession of the historical house.

It may be mentioned here that Bibi Balwant Kaur from the UK had once visited Sultanpur Lodhi and was pained to see that the house of Bebe Nanaki could not be preserved. It was due to Bebe Nanaki that Guru Nanak Dev visited Sultanpur Lodhi and stayed there for more than 13 years. Yet, her house could not be preserved. Balwant Kaur took women of the town with her and constructed a big gurdwara in memory of Bebe Nanaki which is visited by a large number of Sikhs every day.

The historical 'bohar': tree adjoining the house was witness to the killing of a number of Muslims by the British Police. The Muslims had then insisted on cutting a branch of the tree for taking out 'tazia'. Jathedar Amrik Singh said that the 'kar sewa' of the ancient house would be carried out in November to mark the gurpurb of Guru Nanak Dev.

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