Police station or gurdwara

The new building of the police station was constructed few yards away from Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib as a part of tercentenary celebrations of the birth of the Khalsa Panth. The old police station was shifted from old congested place to the main Anandpur Sahib-Nangal road with a new look. The Punjab Police Corporation had built the new building with a cost of Rs 89 lakh.

Since the domes have been constructed on police station, hospital and railway station on the pattern of Sikh architecture here, many Sikh intellectuals have raised serious objections to it.
Mr Manjit Singh Calcutta, a former SGPC secretary, said the gurdwara architecture could not be used for police station or railway station. He said the police station was visited by many ‘anti social elements’ every day and hence should be shifted to a far away place. Seized illicit liquor, opium and drugs were also kept in the police station.

Some Sikh intellectuals say that ‘gurdwara type dome could be built at a place where the Holy Guru Granth Sahib is placed. Many residents of the holy city have also demanded the demolition of the dome on police station. They say that any casual visitor to the city could mistake it for a religious place.

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