Not coins, but temple tokens found

This was followed by the tokens with pictorial representations of different religious deities. The subsequent temple tokens were brought out in brass, copper and lead.
The temple tokens are used by people as they are believed to bring good luck. Even Islamic tokens are available, although Islam does not approve of putting up images or pictures. The Islamic tokens have Quranic verses written on them.

According to Narinder Pal Singh, a collector of antiques, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century gold tokens called Butki, were brought out. The tokens weighted about 8 grams. But over a period the gold was replaced with other metals.

Narinder Pal Singh has collected about 100 such temple tokens which range from Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s period to the present. Currently he said, the tokens with the image of Laxmi on them were quite popular. These tokens are used during auspicious occasions for puja.

The people keep these tokens for good omen. A number of people keep these tokens at their cash counters and in the safe so that they do not fall short of money. Even some woman keep these tokens so that it ensures a male child. However these days only silver tokens are made with the image of Goddess Laxmi inscribed on them.

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