Punjab to approach CRCI

Mr G.S. Cheema, Principal Secretary, Cultural Affairs, Punjab told TNS here on yesterday that he would request the CRCI to take up the conservation of some protected monuments under his charge.

He said he was impressed by the UNESCO-UNDP-aided conservation project executed by CRCI in Gurdaspur district. For alt a year, an inter-disciplinary team of conservation architects, art restorers and social scientists has been engaged in conservation and restoration of the 200 year-old Krishan Mandir at Kishankot and the Guru ki Maseet at Sri Hargobindpur with the help of the local community. Work on the third site, the Dargah of Baba Shah Badar Diwan at Masani is expected to begin soon.

The project is also being supported by the US-based Sikh Foundation and the Santmat Foundation associated with the Radha Soami, Satsang Beas.

Mr Cheema said he would request the CRCI to help the state government find sponsors to execute the plan.
Asked as to which monuments needed immediate attention, Mr Cheema said: ‘ The Qila Mubarak has suffered from neglect. Other monuments that need to be conserved include the Moorish que in Kapurthala’.

He said the Qila Mubarak had the richest collection of wall paintings in the state but they needed to be retouched.
Mr Cheema said the palace in Kapurthala (Durbar Hall), which houses the Deputy Commissioner’s office and the baradaris (a pavillion with 12 arches) also needed to be taken up for conservation.

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