Claimant of Maharajas chariot wheels

Mrs Paramjit said 'one day while Sardar Gujjar was strolling on the roof of the building his enemies managed to push him over the edge of the terrace, he died after falling from a height of nearly 40 feet.

These 'wheels' mentioned in the story published in The Tribune on August 13, she claims actually belong to the 'chariot of Sardar Gujjar Singh – a two-horse driven carriage as mentioned in the press release'. Sardar Gujjar Singh had two other brothers Sardar Lehna Singh and Sardar Ranjodh Singh, all three were the sons of  Sardar Desa Singh, a general of Maharaja Ranjit Singh along with his three sons (all Generals of Maharaja Ranjit Singh) while Gujjar Singh died issueless Sardar Lehna Singh was succeeded by Sardar Dyal Singh, founder of the Dyal Singh College, Dyal Singh Library and The Tribune.

Sardar Dyal Singh died issueless while Sardar Ranjodh Singh was succeeded by Sardar Gajjinder Singh, who further was succeeded by Sardar Gurcharan Singh alias Sardar Raj Bhadur Singh. Mrs Paramjit Kaur claims to be the direct descendent of Sardar Raj Bhadur Singh.

Mrs Paramjit Kaur in a letter to the Chief Minister, Mr Parkash Singh Badal, the Chief Secretary, the Deputy Commissioner, Mayor and Municipal Commissioner has demanded legal rights over the property left by Sardar Gujjar Singh and has requested the same be given to her.

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